‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 2 preview: Erin, Danny clash over old case

CBS LogoIs there tension in the family on Friday night’s “Blue Bloods”? You better believe it, and we have the video proof for you below.

What is the primary source of all the tension here? It really has to do with an old case, and Danny’s desire to try to nail the alleged criminal and have him pay. However, Erin and the D.A.’s officer are not exactly so keen on listening to his request. While she may be sympathetic, the truth of the matter here is that there are only so many resources that they have at their disposal, and rather than spending all of their time on older cases, they must focus on new ones. Not only that, but she also attributes the fact that the man has seemingly gone on to do other good things as one of the main deciding factors.

What we really take from this sneak peek above all else is that it further reinforces one of the series’ major themes, which is the tension that comes from so many people who should be working hand in hand, but not always are. Often, those in the police have to think more in terms of the black and white, since they are not responsible for the sentencing side of things. Those decisions instead are made by the lawyers and the judges, which is where Erin comes into play. The fact that they are family ultimately just means that there is way more at stake with every single case.

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Photo: CBS

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