‘The Bridge’ season 2 finale review: Did Marco Ruiz finally take down Fausto Galvan?

Bridge -Do you see what happens after you kill a lot of people? The story starts to make a whole lot more sense.

The challenge for “The Bridge” Wednesday was that they ultimately had so many stories to try to tie up within the span of an hour, whether you are talking about the DEA / CIA activity, Fausto Galvan, Eleanor, Stephen’s fate, and more.

Probably the most surprising turn of events in the episode was seeing Sonya in a bizarre way actually save Eleanor’s life, as her demented, on-a-leash father (you read that right) started choking her when she baited him to touch her again. Sonya could have killed her, but she used Marco to help cover up the death of Eleanor’s father, and decided to bring in the woman (played wonderfully by Franka Potente) responsible for so much carnage this year.

As for Marco’s own longtime hate/love/hate again relationship with Fausto Galvan, he finally got what he always wanted: Justice, in spite of the cards stacked against him. It was a glorious takedown for the character, and a chance for him to in many ways avenge generations of pain. It also meant the departure of Captain Robles, and a chance for Marco to have a promotion if he so chooses to take it.

The other treads were at least reasonably well-resolved. Stephen and Eva had their reunion, though he is severely bruised and scarred from his near-death experience. Meanwhile, as Sebastian’s operation winded down, Frye and Adriana got everything they needed to finally run their story. They’ve got some closure, as do most other characters. This felt like it could be a series finale if the show is in fact over for good, and we are happy about that. It was quieter from a standpoint of violence, but it almost feels appropriate it was that way. Having a big shootout would be what the villains wanted all along. Grade: A-.

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