ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 4, episode 2 preview: Jeff Perry is pretty much awesome

Cyrus -There are few other ways to describe the sneak peek below for Thursday night’s “Scandal” other than what we said above. Jeff Perry is basically a boss, and one of the most underrated performers in the entire show.

Obviously, enough time has passed now since losing the love of his life that Cyrus is now back on his A-game, and this apparently means using almost every dirty trick in the book to get what he wants, and that includes blackmailing Olivia Pope. He tries to use submitting a ton of money into her account as one way to make this happen, and he’s also not afraid to get the IRS after her.

Neither one of these tactics seem to phase Kerry Washington’s character much at all, so he’s basically forced to resort to one other dirty trick: Threatening to tell Fitz that she has been calling every day, pining after him in the worst ways. This is the one way to guarantee that the President starts to come across at the seams, and she doesn’t want that. Basically, this is all she needs to hear for Cyrus to finally win.

As for what he needs from her now, that’s what we are excited to find out. Given that the White House has Abby now, and dozens of other surely-qualified people to take on terrible situations, this has to be a crisis of the worst kind to bring Olivia back into the fold. It’s either that or Cyrus has some other mysterious endgame that we’ve yet to hear much about.

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Photo: ABC

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