‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7, episode 4 review: Venus returns; Colette and a reckoning

Courtney Love -“Sons of Anarchy” was a bloodbath tonight; there is no other way to really describe it. While we may have met Courtney Love and seen the return of Marilyn Manson and Walton Goggins as the excellent Venus, that scene in the closing minutes are what many will be talking about for some time.

Colette may be the most notable of the dead, largely because of the relationship that she had with Jax. There are not a lot of people in this world, especially outside of the MC, that Jax feels like he can talk to. She is one, but this now seems to be stripped away in a sea of bullet. He thought he could target Lin, August Marks and others, and in the end, the real person to blame here is Gemma. Her own actions have brought such violence and a reckoning for characters who do not even deserve it. To make this worse, officers within the Charming PD also ended up losing their lives. While they may not be even as big of names as Colette, they count still as casualties of Jax. This one stems from his arranged deal with Manson’s Tully, which resulted from him being in prison in the first place. Once again, it is easy to find someone to blame.

There were some other near-misses in the death department throughout the episode. We witnessed Tig get shot in the side during a heated moment, but somehow, he will most likely pull through. Jarry is safe mostly thanks to Chibs, and there is a part of us almost wanting to ‘ship the two of them together.

There were also a few parts of this episode that were downright uncomfortable, in particular Gemma with some interest / racist commentary on Jarry’s first name Althea that came almost out of nowhere. Mostly, it was just a reminder that Katey Sagal is playing a terrible person; even her attempts to protect Juice are equally about protecting herself.

“Poor Little Lambs” was at times a tough one to sit through, but we consider it necessary to the further direction of this show. We know now that Jax’s whole machine is starting sputter, and sooner or later, it will all fall apart. Grade: A-.

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Photo: FX

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