‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 2 podcast: Talking ‘Monarch Douglas Bank’ with Jessa

Blacklist -The second episode of “The Blacklist” was one that was certainly jam-packed, and while there were great moments, there is a big question that we asked throughout our latest edition of our weekly podcast: Was it a little too much? How do you know when you are starting to go overboard, and not answer many of the questions that you raise?

Time and time again, we discuss how the show is doing a little too much, and may almost be focusing on Raymond Reddington so much that it hurts the other characters. Take, for example, Ressler. Where did he get those pills? It feels like there is a further story to be told here, and that there was something left on the cutting-room floor to give us more of James Spader.

As for the other topics from the episode, they include the following:

  • Whether or not Berlin really needed all this money in the first place.
  • If Naomi Hyland is now more of an interesting character, and if and when we are going to see her again on the show.
  • Why everyone at the Monarch Douglas Bank somehow had remarkable English-language skills.
  • Matt’s favorite moment of arguably the entire series, even though explaining it is a near-impossible task.
  • How much all parties involve miss Tom, and the energy that he brought to the show.
  • Whether or not there is not enough structure this time.
  • A brief prevew for the next new episode, and some of what could be coming down the road.

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