‘Gotham’ episode 2 review: Did ‘Selina Kyle’ contain enough Selina Kyle?

Gotham -Tonight, we got to take a further dive into the world of “Gotham,” but we have to say that upon further review, “Selina Kyle” was a little bit of an odd duck.

For one, we expected this episode would actually contain a little bit more of Selina than it did, and quite a bit of her backstory was expected. Can you be that shocked that she is a child of streets, comes from a broken home, and finds herself routinely in trouble? Hardly. We’d prefer to see a villain who grew up with great privileges kind of like Bruce, or one whose psychoses was internal, and not just the product of circumstance.

The Penguin, who we saw more of tonight, was a slightly better example of this … with the emphases on “slightly.” The good news is that we got a chance to meet his mother (Carol Kane), while the bad news is that she is strange and psychotic in her own way. After seeing her, it is easy to figure out why this guy turned out like he did.

Selina did have her moments in here, including when she literally scratched someone’s eyes out in a way you would expect from the signature villain. This cool moment helped to offset that we still don’t care about Barbara at all, and we’d almost prefer these scenes be replaced with more Harvey Bullock.

The show really is doing a whole lot right at the moment, but we cannot quite say it’s where we want it to be yet. It’s almost like the friend who’s trying too hard to impress you, and thanks to that, it is saying and doing all the right things when you want it to be a little wrong, and to take its own identity for a chance. It’s okay to do that, guys! Grade: B-.

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