‘Masters of Sex’ season 2 finale review: Did Virginia quit the study, lose her children?

Masters of SexEver since Bill And Virginia started having an affair on “Masters of Sex” their relationship has moved past the physical relationship. These two are clearly in love and in a situation that stops them from being together. On the other hand we have seen Libby move into something new with Robert as they took the next step in their relationship as well. So how is this all going to end?

After seeing the rough cut of the CBS documentary Bill and Virginia filmed, it’s not what they expected, but when they hear that their competition is ready to publish a book and will get to the finish line before them they are motivated to get their first. Bill gets his hands on a copy of Kaufman’s book to see if there is really anything to worry about and he realizes that his book is the same as their TV appearance: Watered down with no actual science behind it.

George is back from 6 weeks with the kids in Europe and wants the kids to stay at his house 3 times a week; a prospect that Virginia is not happy about. Because Virginia never got a signed custody agreement when she and George first split she decides to present George with an actual contract he will have to sign thinking he will back off when a lawyer is presented, but George will not sign and he has retained his own lawyer.

When Virginia talks to George about custody, George tells her that they are going to court and that he will show that she is unfit to be the full time parent (exposing her job content, her long hours, and her affair with her boss) so that he can get the kids full time. Virginia thinks about quitting the study to keep the kids, but she decides to give George what he wants with the hopes that once CBS airs the special her credibility will be shown and she can get her kids back, but Bill wants to stop the special from airing.

Unfortunately, Kaufman not only has his book coming out, but he has a documentary airing before Bill and Virginia’s and CBS is shelving their documentary. What’s worse is that Ethan is the partner working with Kaufman. When it is revealed that Bill (with the help of Barton) got the book to a competing network so that their CBS special would get shelved, we see a conflicted Bill dealing with breaking Virginia’s heart over giving up her kids and the study going forward the way he wants.

After her night with Robert, Libby can’t stop thinking about him and how he makes her feel desirable again. When she talks to Robert, he tells her that he regrets their night together, saying that it goes against what he believes and shouldn’t have let it happen, but after talking they fall into each other’s arms again. What was really great was learning that Libby has known about the affair Bill has been having for years and she is not as dumb as we were all lead to believe. She is ready to have a real relationship again, no matter what the cost.

There was a lot of great moments in this finale, especially learning what’s happened to Barton: Margaret has left him, he told her the truth and she is still supporting him. It is also going to be a great new storyline next season if Lester and Barbara’s dysfunction is the focus since we love these characters. The study moves forward! Episode grade: A-

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