ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7 premiere review: Did Beckett find Castle?

CastleWhen we last left Castle, he was on his way to marry Beckett in what was going to be the wedding of the year, but after a car crash and a missing Castle, the wedding has been put on hold and the hunt for the handsome writer has begun.

The premiere throws us right into the drama with Castle’s car engulfed in flames and a heartbroken Beckett trying to save him. After the fire department hoses the wreckage down, she sees that the car is empty and Castle is missing. So where is he?

After searching the car crash they realize that Castle has been taken by the people who ran him off the road in a stolen SUV. Once they find the SUV, it is already being crushed and we saw what was one of the best moments of the premiere: Beckett flying through the air and taking down a man twice her size… she is such a badass!

When the FBI are brought on the case, they suggest to Beckett that Castle’s disappearance might have been a hit at her more then a hit at him since they have worked many cases together and someone may be out for revenge.

When the department finds a picture of Castle dropping off a bag of cash (all on his own) for the mob (and to have the SVU crushed), everyone is worried that he was in on the whole thing leading Beckett to go and talk to Castle’s family. They remind her of how much he loves her and that he didn’t just ditch her.

Castle withdrew $10,000 before their wedding (for their honeymoon), but the money that was dropped off was the same money he took out for the wedding. FBI is convinced that Castle faked his own death to disappear and that he doesn’t want to be found. This theory of course all goes down the drain when Castle is found unconscious and floating in a boat full of bullet holes.

Lainey finds a key in Castle’s clothes, he has a tropical fever and he has a bullet wound from a few weeks ago. Beckett also finds a tent filled with food, water and Castle’s clothes (including his wedding tux): Seems he was in hiding.

Once Castle regains consciousness he says that he remembers the crash with the black SVU and then he woke up in the hospital, nothing more. She tells him that he’s been missing for 2 months and he wants to do whatever it takes to find out what happened. Beckett takes him to where the tent was and Castle says he’s never been there before and that it was planted, but Beckett no longer believes him… that is until the “witness” that saw Castle at the tent turns out to be a fake.

We weren’t excited about the idea that the Castle/Beckett wedding didn’t happen at the end of season 6 since this has been years in the making (just throw the fans a bone once in a while!), but since this is a mystery show all about a mystery writer we have tried to put our own wants aside and realize that the wedding was a prime opportunity to have another mystery evolve. Next time these two get ready to walk down the aisle… we will not be so forgiving if something else goes wrong. Episode grade: B+

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Photo: ABC

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