‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 2 preview: What happens with Amy, Liam next?

So far, the theme of “Faking It” season 2 has ultimately been rather simple: Waiting for the other shoe to drop. We know that eventually, we are going to see it come out that Amy and Liam slept together, mostly because it always does on these shows. The only question is when it will happen, and what the effects of this revelation are.

The biggest surprise to us from the sneak peek below is that Shane doesn’t pick up on the immense weirdness that comes from Liam and Amy running into each other. If they are going to keep what happened a secret, they are going to have to do a much better job of hiding it than this.

As for what else is notable from this preview, it seems like Amy and Karma are back on the up and up, at least for the time being. The two are going to be spending the weekend together! Amy insists that there will not be any weirdness between the two, despite the fact that she did recently confess to being in love with her best friend. She says that everything’s fine, but we will believe this when we see it.

The only reason there is still a whole lot of hope for these two as friends moving forward is that the two do still have that goal of staying close to each other. The fact that Amy’s in love with her is an issue, but neither seems particularly concerned with resolving it in the near future. Ultimately, we feel like it may take Amy finding someone other than Liam to be with for Karma to realize if she has any feelings at all.

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