‘Arrow’ season 3 spoilers: Saving superpowers for ‘The Flash’

Arrow -Back when “Arrow” first came on the scene, one of its original selling points was how the show was not really attempting to be a superhero show where everyone was running around with powers. However, they deviated from that somewhat last year, where they brought the mirakuru and Deathstroke into the mix.

Is the show going further in that direction? We hoped not going in, since too many powers is what we feel killed “Heroes,” and also has hurt many other shows who think that the best thing to do after introducing magic is more magic.

Luckily, the show is going in the opposite direction. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim, while appearing on the radio show for Comic Book Resources executive producer Jonah Weiland, explained that there is a different story that the show wants to tell now:

“We’re not really planning on revisiting superpowers or enhanced abilities during season three … We are really returning to the show’s roots of a very grounded world where it’s very realistic. We may take occasional artistic license with things, but for the most part, everything is pretty well and truly grounded in real-life things and real-life science.

“I think what people will find when they watch season three is that the operatic scope of season two didn’t really come from the presence of enhanced abilities or superpowers, it really came from the stories and the characters, and that stuff ain’t changing.”

This whole idea excites us greatly, mostly because you can have a superhero show without powers running rampant. Plus, it is not like we are going to be completely deprived of that in the first place. You’re going to get plenty of powers over on “The Flash,” and the two shows are going to be spending much of the coming week filming a crossover episode.

The new season of “Arrow” is going to premiere on Wednesday, October 8, and we will have some further news on this show soon. Also, sign up now to get more scoop on everything we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: The CW

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