‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: What lies ahead for Welch?

While “Chicago Fire” may have lost a very important part of the show that will never be completely replaced, it does seem like the writers are still doing their part to try and populate the firehouse with other faces. In this instance, we’re talking about Kenny Johnson’s Welch.

In addition to Shay’s death, we are going to see Dawson transferred out for a while, and he will get a chance to be more up-close-and-personal with some other characters. Not only that, but we’ll get a little bit of information regarding how he feels about both Dawson and Casey. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly on the subject, executive producer Matt Olmstead had the following to say:

“He had a relationship with a subordinate and got the memo … All this resentment he has towards Dawson and Casey is: ‘Why should they be able to succeed doing something where I was unable to succeed?’ There’s a little bit of jealousy there and he sees them two pulling it off and he regrets how he handled it.”

In some ways, we understand that this may not be the most exciting story thread on paper, but we like the human element of it since this is the sort of thing that someone like Welch would deal with in this situation. It almost to a certain extent doesn’t matter how he feels personally about any given person. Instead, it is more about how hurt he is that he did not get what he feels to be similar treatment.

Is there anything in particular you are expecting on tonight’s “Chicago Fire” episode? Share some of your thoughts with a comment.

Photo: NBC

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