‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 16, episode 2 video: First look at Teri Polo, Stacy Keach

Law & Order: SVU logoIt’s no secret that the “Law & Order” franchise does like to dip into the “ripped from the headlines” stories on a pretty regular basis, so should you be that surprised to see “Law & Order: SVU” going into the world of athletics right now.

Anytime that you have an athlete be accused or found guilty of domestic violence, which we have seen in such cases as with Ray Rice or Greg Hardy, one of the major questions for those surrounding them is what to do next. There is one perspective where some business owners, desperate to keep their win total high, will cite “innocent until proven guilty” and keep them. Others will decide to cut bait, and try to move forward regardless of guilt. There is no law that a sporting organization has to follow a constitution, after all, when it comes to the court system.

For this episode, we see a similar case through the form of an endorser, who has to figure out what to do when serious accusations against one of their client lead to them deciding whether to drop or stand pat. Stacy Keach and Teri Polo (“The Fosters”) guest-star in this episode, and you can see below the characters trying to weigh which option is best for the company in the long-term.

Much in the way that we are constantly curious about how the show chooses to handle almost any other ripped-from-the-headlines case, we are interested to see the sort of perspective that is brought to it here. A PSA featuring many stars of the show with the “No More” campaign is actually going to air during many NFL games Sunday.

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Photo: NBC

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