‘Doctor Who’ season 8, episode 6 review: Did you buy Clara, Danny Pink surprise?

Doctor Who -Tonight’s episode of “Doctor Who” was entitled “The Caretaker,” and we imagine that it may for many be somewhat polarizing. Not everyone wants to watch this show to hear about relationships, but for us, we really enjoyed the way in which the story for Clara and Danny Pink came together.

Basically, this story explored very well whether or not Clara can continue to balance having an ordinary life while traversing around the universe past and present with a man Danny came to call her “Space Dad.” He learned of the Doctor’s existence after he began an undercover mission at Coal Hill school, and suffice it to say, he was not that thrilled about being lied to.

You could call Danny possessive or angry through this, but we feel like he handled all this information far better than we thought that he would. How else cal you react to finding out that your girlfriend is a rogue space traveler?

We enjoyed the emotional process that he went through, and that Clara went through at the same time. The Doctor had to realize that Danny would be okay, and Danny had to do the same thing about the Doctor.

In a way, there are fewer things conceptually to discuss this episode than in past hours, but we enjoyed it just as much (if not more) than most episodes this season. It was simple, but gave us a better sense of the characters. It was less about throwing the characters all over the place.

Overall, we’d declare this the second-best episode of the fall, behind only “Listen” at the moment. Grade: A-.

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Photo: BBC

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