‘Masters of Sex’ season 2 finale spoilers: What’s next for Libby, Robert?

Masters of Sex -For most of season 2 of “Masters of Sex,” we have found ourselves wondering almost constantly about what was going to come with the Libby story. Often, her paranoia and her “watching” habits didn’t make sense.

However, things really started to last week when we saw what happened between her and Robert, and she almost got revenge on Bill for his cheating habits without really knowing it at the same time. She clearly has had a little bit of time to digest all that happened, and in the sneak peek video below, you can see her and Robert talk it out and ask some important questions in the process.

One of these questions is fairly simple: Why did this happen? Libby almost tries to convince Robert that he may have genuinely wanted it to, while there is a part of him that thinks instead that this stemmed from a desire to just be in a world that he has never fulled experienced before. The curiosity of the unknown.

While the Bill / Virginia relationship on this show is fairly easy to telegraph thanks to the stories of the two figures in real life, the entertainment factor that comes from this is that there is a certain unknown element here, as well. It is not entirely clear what is going to happen in this episode; it could mark the biggest change for Libby to date, or she could end up distancing herself from it all, and trying to establish the same-old equilibrium.

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Photo: Showtime

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