‘The X Factor’ UK review: Chloe Jasmine, Lauren Platt, and Cheryl Cole drama

The judges -We’re not going to go through every contestant here that took part in the “X Factor” Six-Chair Challenge today for the Girls group, but can we say that this is still the cruelest thing to ever do to a reality TV singer? You’re basically pitting them against other people, swapping them out, and putting all of the pressure on a judge to give someone hope, only to break their heart minutes later.

Throughout this round, the one thing that Cheryl Cole really managed to do above anything else was tick off most of the people in the crowd, as Chloe Jasmine in particular seemed to be the recipient of good fortune.

The singers she took to the judges’ houses phase of the competition are as follows.

Chloe Jasmine – Her odds of winning are slim, but given that she looks and sounds different than almost anyone else this season, she is probably a safe bet to make it to live shows. It’s ironic, given that Cheryl barely even picked her tonight.

Kerrianne Covell – One of the real, genuine “great” singers left in this group. We don’t know about her staying power after the show, but for now we don’t care.

Lauren Platt – Another personal favorite, though she needs to make her song choices match her styling and her age a little more than she does.

Emily Middlemas – We are partial to this sort of voice in the competition, but she is probably a long shot to make it to live. She may not be that memorable to anyone else.

Steph Nala – Appealing due to Team iLuminate, but we do not necessarily find her to be a fantastic singer away from her group. This will be hard on her.

Lola Saunders – We find her and Kerrianne at times interchangeable, so maybe only one advances. Even still, both are extremely good singers.

Some out there have been very up in arms about this group of singers in particular, but we have to say that we don’t find any of them to be particularly terrible at what they do. Are they the best six? Probably not, but we’ll only start to have problems if girls are selected based on entertainment rather than singing quality at the next stage.

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Photo: ITV

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