‘Gotham’ spoilers: Robin Lord Taylor on the Penguin’s ‘rebirth’

Gotham -Ultimately, there were many reasons to love and appreciate the pilot episode of “Gotham.” The show introduced a new world pretty effectively, and then some of the interesting characters in it.

Few were as interesting, though, as the man otherwise known as the Penguin. Oswald Cobblepot was nothing more than a lackey in the pilot, and did his best to stir up trouble between Fish Mooney and Falcone. By the end of the episode, though, his actions found himself completely at the mercy of James Gordon, and if he had just a little more darkness within him, he would be dead right now. We wonder over time if Gordon will come to regret this decision.

What we do know, clearly, is that Cobblepot is not going to heed that warning to stay away from Gotham even in the slightest. Speaking to TV Guide, the man behind the character in Robin Lord Taylor (who was pretty darn awesome in the pilot) explained how him crawling back out of Gotham’s frigid waters was a big moment in planning out his future:

“The second he gets out of that water he has immediately clicked into how he’s going to get back at the people who have harmed him and how he’s never going to let it happen again … That’s his transformation. It’s a rebirth in a way.”

We imagine that much of the challenge for writing this character in the future will be balance. You know where he is going, but how quickly do you want him to get there? You also cannot have Gordon completely defeat the guy anytime soon, since the Penguin has to be around to be one of Batman’s earlier foes after he puts on the cape.

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