‘Big Brother 16’ debate: Should Frankie Grande, Zach Rance go on ‘Amazing Race’?

Zach -Over the past several years, there has been a real narrative pushed with CBS cross-breeding many of its reality shows. You have Brendon and Rachel from “Big Brother” on “The Amazing Race,” Jenna and Ethan from “Survivor” on “The Amazing Race,” Hayden Moss from “Big Brother” on “Survivor,” and then Natalie and Nadiya from “The Amazing Race” on “Survivor.”

What we’ve yet to see is someone go over from another CBS reality show to “Big Brother,” and maybe never will since it only has one season a year. Less room for experimentation.

The talk following the “Big Brother 16” finale, at least for Frankie and Zach, is that they really want to do “The Amazing Race” together … and we really think that the odds are high of this happening. While the show does not typically cast friends from another reality show (it is typically couples), they still fit the criteria for a few interesting reasons:

  1. The story – Frankie claims that he’d marry Zach tomorrow, while Zach is single and interested in women.
  2. The history – These two had a great relationship when things were going well, but also had plenty of fights and trust issues. It’s not just a rosy friendship.
  3. The ratings – “Big Brother” had great numbers all summer long. Why not go in this direction?

The only real problem is that while Frankie has his fans, there are also many out there who strongly dislike him, and not even Zach changes this. Also, what is interesting here is that even in the event that one of them starts to dislike the other, you also have to remember that they really need each other in order to get on the show. You cannot do it alone, and there’s no one else from this season Zach has the relationship with that “Amazing Race” casting looks for.

What do you think: Should this happen, even if you are not a fan of both members of the team? Share below, and head over here to see all of our other crazy “Big Brother” coverage (including interviews). You can also sign up now to get some further scoop on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: CBS


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