‘Big Brother 16’ finale (backyard): Donny Thompson on Fan Favorite, All-Stars aspirations

Donny -Donny Thompson was definitely beloved by most of the “Big Brother” fans, and we saw that more than ever when he received more than 50% of the Fan Favorite vote. Clearly, this shows that while Twitter buzz is important, it does not completely match sheer fan support of the show itself.

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These highlights come from the WIBW interview, and were conducted by Brian Haug.

On winning fan favorite – “It means the world to me. We come into the game wanting to win the game … What I got was the people outside who got to see everything. I’m very appreciative and I thank America for voting for me.”

On Team America – “When I signed up to play Big Brother, I signed up to play Big Brother … I wouldn’t have chose Frankie and Derrick, America chose Frankie and Derrick, and had to make the best of the situation … Things that were out of character for me would blow our cover, and [I didn’t want to blow the cover].”

On “The Bold and the Beautiful” – “It will be [shot] Friday.”

On why we went to bed early – “To me, I didn’t go to bed early. I went to bed at midnight … They would stay up until morningtime. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. If you can’t get it done in 16, 17 hours, you can’t get it done.”

On returning to the game – “I sat in this backyard one day and I was so angry at my girlfriend for signing me up for something that tortured my brain … but now, I would sign up for All-Stars.”

Donny also said some interesting stuff about the beard, including that there was discussion about him shaving the beard for a segment that could air before the finale. However, that didn’t happen thanks to some opportunities that could come his way after the show.

Also, Donny said that he voted for Cody to honor something he said earlier in the game, though he also said that the best player won.

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Photo: CBS

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