‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7, episode 3 review: Is Jax Gemma’s puppet now more than ever?

Sons of Anarchy -There is a fascinating feeling that comes from watching Tuesday night’s “Sons of Anarchy.” The show has cultivated this world where you are fascinated by Jax Teller and his story. It doesn’t matter that he has shown himself many times over to be a terrible person, or someone with the capacity to kill countless more people.

Yet, we had a bizarre level of sorrow watching him “defend his mother’s honor” tonight in the most brutal fashion, while Gemma did her best to act unfazed by the whole ordeal. This is a woman who is not as innocent as anyone perceives her to be, and we wonder how long she can keep this charade going. We’re happy to see a more proactive side of Unser, even if it means it could get either him or Juice killed.

The only hope for Gemma may be Juice finding a way to get himself killed before he has a chance to rat on what happened to Tara. His repeated attempts to get back into SAMCRO proper make for an interesting redemption story of sorts, but how can these people ever fully trust this guy again? It almost seems at this point like Juice not only has a death wish, but he doesn’t care.

These stories in “Playing with Monsters” were wonderfully constructed, and it almost made us feel like others were a distraction. We’re not too keen on Nero and his whole plot right now, and while we find Jarry’s attempts to get close to Chibs in particular interesting, we’re not sure enough where it is going just yet. We do feel like she is a strategist, and hopefully there is some great payoff to whatever she is trying to do with the club.

Overall, this was another strong episode for the series, but we cannot help it if we’re waiting for at least one other shoe to drop, and something to happen that is so insane, it makes Tara and Clay’s deaths look like shadows in comparison. Grade: B.

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