‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 premiere shocker: Did Shay, Dawson, or Casey die?

Chicago Fire -Tonight’s “Chicago Fire” season 3 premiere did not waste a whole lot of time at all making it clear who was unfortunately dead in the fiery explosion during the season 2 finale. Of course, there are MAJOR spoilers ahead. Stop reading now if you want to avoid any and all information on what happened.

In the end, many of the theories were correct: We ended up losing Leslie Shay for the rest of the series. She was found dead, and no attempts by Dawson to revive her were successful. This death is going to reverberate through the rest of the series, and this will be something that ends up haunting many who were in that building. Was there more that they could have done? We’ll have to wait and see, but this is the typical question that would haunt someone. Dawson certainly feels that way right now, feeling that it would have been her had she and Shay not switched places.

What was interesting after this even was that the show followed this up almost immediately with a montage of flashbacks featuring Lauren German’s character, almost like she had just been eliminated from a competition show. It was somewhat surprising, but it worked if the goal was to get us a little bit choked up.

Obviously, there is so much more that happened during the “Chicago Fire” premiere that happened beyond the death of this character, but for the time being, we really wanted to focus in on this one isolated event, since its consequences in particular are huge. Plus, it’s a nice way to send the Shay character off. The show will go on, and we already saw that tonight courtesy of the time jump that followed the news of the character dying in the first place.

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Photo: NBC

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