‘White Collar’ season 6 spoilers: See Matt Bomer, surprises in latest promo

For its latest promo, “White Collar” season 6 decided to lift the veil on at least a few more secrets leading into its sixth and final season … including that some familiar faces will be back to help to tie things together.

Of course, we are talking about Keller and Rebecca. If you’ve seen previous press releases and the like, this really shouldn’t surprise you too much … but what does it mean? With Rebecca, we are especially curious given that this character is hardly who many would want Neal Caffrey with by the end of the series. She’s already played him once, and that could happen many more times before the show ends. (Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a Hilarie Burton sighting on the horizon, unless the writers / producers really find a way to come out and surprise us.)

Regardless of any guest stars, Matt Bomer will still take center stage here for what looks to be a fast-paced, intense final six episodes that will in many ways bring the show back to some of its roots: Focusing on Neal trying to pull off great heists. The only twist here is that we hope in the process that he eventually finds his freedom. As much fun as it is to see him work alongside Peter, we feel like he’s earned it at this point, and the show would not quite be the same if it ends without this happening.

The final season of “White Collar” premieres on USA Thursday, November 6. We will have some further news soon.

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