‘The Amazing Race Canada’ season 3 basically official; casting begins

The Amazing Race CanadaWe thought that this was going to be coming any second now, but during the “After the Race” special on CTV last night, Jon Montgomery basically made it official: There will be a season 3 of “The Amazing Race Canada” airing next year.

Not only that, but if you head over to the link here, casting for the third season will be underway starting at midnight Eastern or 9:00 p.m. Pacific time. Once again, the show is looking for pairs who have an interesting story to tell, a spirit for adventure, and also will be open and available to film another season of the show.

While we are sure that there are many who want to see the show venture a little bit outside of Canada more than the first two seasons, we really enjoyed the format of this summer’s show. You get to see parts of the country that you don’t often see, and that helps to further spread some Canadian pride in ways that you don’t get elsewhere. Then, you can find interesting ways to tie back the rest of the international locales in there while tying them back into the home country somehow.

Clearly, there is something that this show is doing that is working wonders. While the Australian version is only performing so-so and the American version has never been a top 5 series, this was the most-watched show in Canada for two years straight. It’s hard to figure out anything for a reason why beyond great casting, great locations, and a host in Jon who has become really great at the role over time.

Suffice it to say, we’re stoked already for this great race to begin again.

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Photo: CTV

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