‘The Amazing Race Canada’ 2 finale review: Were Natalie & Meaghan or Mickey & Pete the winners?

Amazing Race -The race to win “The Amazing Race Canada” took the teams to Ottawa for Sunday’s season finale, and what a chaotic episode this was! The CTV series came to a close on Sunday night, and with a course that was pretty excited, but we’re sure that there will be some controversy that goes along with it.

For example, was the leg a little too physical? We can understand the Natalie & Meaghan fans being a little annoyed about how this leg was not set up very well for them at times. The climbing Roadblock in particular was brutal, though it could have been avoided had they picked different people.

Still, we do feel like the balance was for the most part there, given that you had physical tasks mixed with the mental (searching inside of Parliament Building) throughout. Sure, Mickey & Pete had an advantage during the rafting, but we’re sure that these were plotted out long before the teams were cast. In the end, what was wonderful was how the memory task, installing an art exhibit, was yet again the one that would make teams or break teams. You could blow through the rest of the leg, and then struggle here and lose.

Going into this part in the leg, Mickey & Pete had a pretty decent advantage thanks to blowing through the other tasks. The problem is that they do have a carefree attitude, and that could cause problems when you’ve got other teams that are so intense. We don’t know if these guys took the same sort of notes that the hockey players did throughout.

Luckily, they did! This was a deserved win for the two pals, who really fought hard this entire leg, never got discouraged, and took home the win. This puts them in some rare air, as well, especially when it comes to teams who won the show without ever winning a leg previously. Natalie & Meaghan are probably one of the best teams to never win the race, but hats off to these guys for being some of the most likable champs to date. Episode Grade: A-.

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Photo: CTV

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