‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 8, episode 1 video: Sheldon returns home

Big Bang -During “The Big Bang Theory’s” upcoming season 8 premiere, we are going to see Dr. Sheldon Cooper revert back to his status quo … at least sort of. If nothing else, you are going to get to see the character coming back from his train expedition with at least a slightly new perspective.

If you are looking for specific details, what we have for you right now is that Jim Parsons’ character was seemingly gone for a good six weeks aboard the train, and there were some things that happened to him in the process. Namely, we are referring here to him losing both his phone and at one point his pants while out on the journey.

Now that he is back, Sheldon is of course trying to think about himself as some sort of bizarre folk hero for being able to pull off these “achievements” (if you can really call them that). He is happy that he was able to do so much, and he relates himself to Gandalf, who emerges later in “The Lord of the Rings” after his fight with the ancient Balrog as Gandalf the White. (Whatever makes you happy, buddy.)

This sneak peek does not exactly resolve many of the other mysteries that remain with the character, and by that, we are referring mostly to him having to deal with a potentially-unhappy Amy (who he left behind, and did not even call over Leonard when he needed help), and also a problem with his living situation if Leonard and Penny are now living together.

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Photo: CBS


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