‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Victoria’s Hitmen meltdown, round 2

Derrick -Are we supposed to feel bad for Victoria on “Big Brother 16“? This is a question that we have wondered to ourselves many times over. It must be frustrating to not win a single competition since a Veto that was basically handed to you, or to have only one person you can rely on in this game.

To a certain extent, we understand that she must feel pretty bad for realizing one of the major reasons that she made it far in this game was just so that Derrick had some easy competition, but at the same time, she’s also still making some big strategic mistakes. What’s one of them? Not even approaching Cody with the idea of taking her to the final two. She’s putting all her eggs in a 50% chance that Derricks wins the final HoH, and then another 50% or less chance that he takes her.

Today, Victoria had yet another meltdown (following her one from last night), where she angrily ranted on about how she was not in the Hitmen, and how upset she was over the existence of this alliance that was not in the game. This eventually started to annoy Cody, who may be getting a little upset that Derrick has not basically pulled her aside and said that she is leaving the game on Wednesday no matter what. This could actually be a tricky thing to watch over the next few days; if Cody starts to feel like he is intentionally leading Victoria on, he may feel like something is up and change some of his own plans.

Derrick has tried to console her again today, basically saying that their alliance was just as special as the Hitmen, even if it didn’t have a cool name. We’ll just have to see how long this goes on for.

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Photo: CBS

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