‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Jayvo Scott talks Robbie, elimination and who could win

Ink MasterWe have made it no secret here at CarterMatt that the rivalry between Jayvo Scott and his brother Robbie on “Ink Master” was one of the relationships that we were most invested in. These two were not strangers or co-workers that ended up at odds with each other – they are family which brings their relationship/rivalry to another level.

We lost Jayvo way too early in this competition: He was someone that was easy to root for, produced some good tattoos, worked fairly well under stress and most of all we wanted to see Jayvo and Robbie’s relationship move in a positive direction. We saw a little of that as Jayvo was leaving the elimination room, but it felt a little too much, too soon. Is their relationship really fixed or was it the environment of the show what pushed this moment before it’s time? We had the opportunity to speak to Jayvo to find out more:

CarterMatt: We were completely invested in your relationship with Robbie and wanted to see resolution between the two of you: What is your relationship like now?

Jayvo Scott: Every emotion we went through on the show is real. The fights, the reconciliation, etc… After the show things are a little awkward, but we are getting along and are mending our relationship as brothers. I want nothing more than just having a good relationship with my brother while we both succeed in an industry we love.

Were you surprised that you were eliminated for your owl tattoo and was there another artist that you felt should have gone home over you?

I was extremely surprised about my elimination and so were other cast members. We all thought they would send Tim home , yet they didn’t even put him on the bottom. I meant it when I said they did a disservice to the competition by sending me home.

If you had the line work challenge to do over again, what would you change?

I wouldn’t change anything. I gave my canvas exactly what he asked for and he was very happy with the outcome.

This season of Ink Master seems like a fairly even playing field as far as artists, but is there anyone in the group that stands out to you as a clear winner?

I think Clean Rock One is a very good artist. He’s well rounded with a ton of experience and he’s a rad guy.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what is the best way for them to contact you?

The best way to contact me is via email [email protected] or you can go to my website. All of my info is there along with my portfolio.  It’s easy to reach me via social media as I use @jayvoscott for all of my handles.


We want to thank Jayvo for taking the time to chat with us about his experience on the show and for opening up with us about his relationship with Robbie and where they are now.

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Photo: Spike TV

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