‘The Flash’ spoilers: Robbie Amell presents deeper look at Firestorm

There are many reasons to be excited about “The Flash,” but for us, one of them right now is getting a chance to basically get multiple superheroes within the span of one show.

With the roster of villains that he has attached to him, for example, we do feel almost like Firestorm is almost enough of a character to get a show in his own right. Plus, you have a man playing him in Robbie Amell who was enough of a name to have “The Tomorrow People” just a year ago. One of the show’s most notable potential villains here in Killer Frost is a Firestorm character primarily, and she is not the only one.

While you are not getting every detail in the world about how this particular hero will play out on the show just yet, the teases below from Robbie Amell on Facebook may be a nice indicator of how the special effects for the series are going to make this complicated character work. They do not, unfortunately, help to answer the question as to how they are going to morph two people into one character like Firestorm was in the comics. Who knows? Maybe they are changing that up for the TV show, since that may be a little too out there for the standard TV viewer.

Still, this feels like one of those characters who has been under-utilized just enough that they could be a major player on the show, and we are excited to see what happens.

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