‘Rush,’ ‘Satisfaction,’ and their season 2 chances on USA

Rush -Earlier this summer, USA made what we at the time felt was a pretty curious decision in launching two new dramas in “Rush” as well as “Satisfaction,” while also airing them on the same night back-to-back. This seemed like a questionable move for many reasons, but the primary one was simple: Why not give them a better lead-in?

Well, we are now sitting at the end of the two shows’ first seasons, and wondering if either one of them has much of a future on the network. Neither lit it up in the ratings, and neither drew a whole lot of attention from outside the network.

So why give them as good of a shot of coming back as some of USA’s more-established shows? We attribute it to a number of things.

1. Giving new shows a chance – USA has always been very good about not canceling a first-year series, even those that struggled from the onset to get an audience.

2. Tom Ellis – Seriously. He’s the man. Granted, he’s only on one show, but if there is a potential star that the network believes in, why not give it another chance?

3. Netflix – Due to the way that USA aired the episodes, they already know that the viewers that they have are loyal, and weren’t just watching due to a lead-in. Put the two on Netflix in a few months, and see if you can grow an audience.

Personally, the final reason we’d want to see the two series return is simple: We are big believers that every cable series deserves at least two seasons to work with, unless it is bombing on such a level where it is impossible to salvage. Neither of these shows are there.

Do you think that these two shows do have another life on the air, and is there anything that you would want to see from them? Share your thoughts right now with a comment! Also, click here if you want to get some more TV updates from us in a rush.

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