‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Jaclyn Schutz come out on top?

Jaclyn -We have made it not secret at all over the years that we are not the biggest fan of beauty-pageant contestants on reality TV shows, and mostly because of the fact that there seems to be such an uneven proportion of them compared to ordinary people. Also, the stories for most of them are the same: You have someone desperate to shed the label of being a beauty queen.

A few times, you do get interesting characters who can prove to be more than an individual label. For example, Amanda Kimmel was a good enough player that you really forget about the label. Hopefully, Jaclyn Schultz will end up being similar.

Name – Jaclyn Schultz, girlfriend to Jon Misch

Age – 25

Location – Las Vegas, Nevada

Occupation – Media buyer

Strengths – Determination. There is obviously some of that in pageants, but Jaclyn also was born with MRKH syndrome, which means that she was basically born without a uterus and cannot give birth naturally. She and Jon want to allow themselves the maximum number of options for the future, and having these specific goals may help them focus on the game versus a distraction here or there.

Also, Jaclyn looks to be in good shape, and if she gets into a solid alliance, she may find herself in a position where she’s not a target for a while.

Weaknesses – There are a number of contestants in her casting archetype that have gone home very early, and the reason for that is just because they are not physically dominant enough to be important to a tribe. We hate generalizing, but that does happen. Maybe it won’t with Jaclyn. She’s just going to have an uphill battle of being taken as a serious player in the game, unless she manages to use that to her advantage.

Past castaway comparison – Amanda is not a bad comparison here, and we’d also add Misty from Exile Island. She may also have the maturity of an older player, or at least someone like Ciera Eastin who also has a great deal of life experience at an early age. There honestly have not been that many female players who have come on hoping to win the money for as specific a reason as she is.

Prediction – It could go either way for Jaclyn. We worry that she may hit her talking points a little too much, and that may start to get on the nerves of the other players. You also don’t want to look too much like an inspirational story, since it makes you a threat to win at the end. We could see her being someone who can be under the radar early, but then sent home near the end of the game when these sort of factors start to come into play.

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