Was an ‘Extant’ season 2 ever going to happen? Our take

CBS -Tonight, we saw the end of the road arrive for “Extant,” the much-hyped CBS summer show featuring Halle Berry. While it may have come into this year with a ton of hype, it is not leaving with much of that at all.

Where did the show go wrong? In theory, it had a ton of elements that worked in its favor. There was a huge star at the center of the show, and a premise in outer space. Space has shown to be a great source of ratings in the past.

Ultimately, se just feel like this show was a little too far out of the CBS wheelhouse to work. It did not have the same format, and even though viewers know Halle, there is a difference between being familiar with someone, and wanting to sit down and watch them every week. She proved to not be as big of a draw here as she was when it comes to headlines.

We could see there being one other question that people have right now, and it is a rather simple one: Was it ever possible at all for this show to get a second season? Despite the whole “limited series” hype it may have once received, we certainly feel like it. Labeling something “limited” these days is the TV way of covering your rear end. In the event the show fails, you can claim that it was always meant to be just an event. If it does really well, you can then say that the success merited getting more of it. That is what happened with “Under the Dome” to get it to a second season.

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Photo: CBS

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