‘America’s Got Talent’ review: AcroArmy, Emily West, Mat Franco, Miguel Dakota face off in finale

America's Got Talent -Tonight, “America’s Got Talent” did its best to send off the competition portion of the season, and it did so with a night that start off boring, and we’re not entirely sure that it completely turned things around.

We really don’t want to spend too much time on the reprisals, mostly because these did little for us. This is especially true for the singers, since you’ve already lost the magic of hearing the performance for the first time. (Sadly, there were four singers in the group.) We probably enjoyed Sons of Serendip the best here, but we’d say that the winner of the first round was AcroArmy. It’s a little different for them to do the same routine again than it is for someone like a singer to; they’ve got to get down the physicality again, and they are literally risking their bodies to make something happen. (Update: Be sure to read the results!)

Now, we’re going to get into the new performances, and as always, we’ll be ranking them in order from worst to first.

6. Miguel Dakota – We like Miguel, but we feel like ultimately, he didn’t do enough tonight or in the competition to prove that he is worth a million bucks. Instead, he might be better suited for the festival circuit, and working hard at writing songs that he can release down the road.

5. Quintavious Johnson – We actually feel like Quintavious gave his most artistic performance tonight with “Let It Be,” since he did more than just sing covers in an expected style. We liked the choir, and we love the song. Our ranking here is based more on the overall body of work, and we feel like really, the best thing for him could be not winning, and continuing to work his butt off towards being great in five or six years.

4. Mat Franco – Did Mat get hosed here? We feel like for a show that really needs a magician to win for a change, they gave him the worst-possible position at the start of the second hour. To be fair, we weren’t completely blown away by his trick. Even though the people on stage were a nice touch, it moved a little slow and was too similar to some of his others.

3. Emily West – Going into the night, we expected to label her #1 and the winner after her other performances. This was good, but it was also flawed. We couldn’t really understand the lyrics for the first half of the song, and the choice was just a little lacking when it comes to the melody. If she was going to stick with ballads, something that showed off her voice better would have been nice.

2. Sons of Serendip – For a finale, you really need to do something epic, and this rendition of “Bring Me To Live” brought that and then some. While we wonder what place their music would have in mainstream music, they have such a beautiful, calming quality to what they do and we feel like we heard on the show their genuine sound more than we did any other singer.

1. AcroArmy – To be honest, we originally wrote this group off; but, they have gotten better and better and better, and we are starting to feel like momentum is starting to swing in their direction. They could actually win this whole thing! The other than you have to remember here is that they only had a week to prepare this, which is much harder to do here than with a music act.

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