‘MasterChef’ season 5 finale review: Elizabeth Cauvel, Courtney Lapresi face off; who won?

Elizabeth -Tonight, “MasterChef” aired what was definitely a culinary battle of the ages, and it is probably one that you have been waiting for in particular from the beginning of the top 10 or so. It’s been clear for a long time that Elizabeth Cauvel and Courtney Lapresi were the top two home cooks this season, and after Leslie was sent packing in the first part of the finale, we made it to the point where these two could finally go head-to-head in what was a pretty epic battle.

To be honest, though, we have never found finales for this show to be that interesting. There are only two competitors, and the judges are typically so complimentary that there is no real drama. Plus, most of the contestants that are there for the personality are gone by around the time things get really serious.

Going into this episode, we would have given Elizabeth the edge strictly on the basis of editing, though that was tossed around a number of times during this episode. There were moments where Courtney had it figured out, and then others where she was lagging behind. We still felt confident for Elizabeth most of the hour, even after she struggled with a lamb.

The biggest shocker of the entire night was that Elizabeth’s husband was apparently more nervous than she was, and actually passed out a few seconds before the big reveal.

As for another random moment, why did Courtney need to randomly justify her past? Was there really a lot of judging going on for that behind the scenes? Doesn’t really matter to us.

Then, came the surprise. Courtney won! We didn’t see this one coming a mile away, so we have to give a round of applause to the editors for not making it look like the person with the obvious “hero edit” was the champ. Regardless of if you like Courtney or hate Courtney, there’s no questioning that she was a killer cook all season and deserves the win. Episode Grade: B+.

As for the season, maybe those who are anti-Courtney will be disappointed, and we get that; with that being said, what we like about her win is that it proves the show can still surprise you. This is important so many years in.

What did you think about the “MasterChef” finale, and did the right person win in your mind? Share your thoughts with a comment, and head over here to get some further news related to the show, including scoop on renewal hopes for next season.

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