‘America’s Got Talent’ finale rankings: Will Emily West, Mat Franco, or Quintavious Johnson win?

America's Got Talent -America’s Got Talent” has definitely been on a bizarre journey over the past several weeks, but we are now reaching what is the end of the road.

Ultimately, we feel like this season is going to have a hard time delivering a hugely-satisfying winner. We look at the final six, and of the group, we can identify talented people. However, there is only one of them we could see truly becoming a multimillionaire down the road, and they are not particularly likely to win this. Also, there are just too many singers this time around, and this show should not be like “The Voice” or “American Idol.”

For our final rankings of this season, we are going to based this off of past results, longtime voting history with the show, edit, and of course, the quality of the performances.

6. Miguel Dakota – For a while, we admittedly felt like Miguel was in the driver’s seat. Now, he is going to have a hard time thanks to his song choice. While we’ve enjoyed his performances, they’ve felt like something you could see at a really cool bar. They just haven’t been memorable enough.

5. AcroArmy – Don’t get us wrong; we’d love to see a group like this finally win the show. Unfortunately, the track record is not good. The only thing that they could really do to allow themselves a shot at this is hope that the singers all split their votes.

4. Sons of Serendip – Also, one of our favorites, and to us, probably the best music-based act here. Traditionally, though, it is harder for groups to make the personal connection to America you really need in order to win the competition, and they needed the Snapple Save once already.

3. Mat Franco – Here is the one guy who could become very rich off of this show. He hasn’t done a whole lot of the huge, Vegas-style tricks, but he really hasn’t needed to. If you have the skill to pull of the small tricks on this level, you can really do anything. We’d misspoke in the past, forgetting about Collins Key last year, when saying that no magician had made it this far. With that being said, we feel like Franco is a much better overall magician.

2. Quintavious Johnson – Our opinion on Quintavious may be controversial, given that there is no doubt that he is a killer singer. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see him take a risk that makes him stand out more than just any other singer in his genre with a great voice. If he wants to impress us, he needs to take a song we wouldn’t expect him to sing, and give us a better insight into who he is as an artist. We want our million-dollar winner to be more than just a great singer.

1. Emily West – We feel like Emily has done a little more from an artistic point of view, and also feel like she is a deserving winner that the show would love to have this year. We’re still waiting for it to be brought up how long it has been since a woman has won the competition. She’s great enough on her own, and that may be the final way to galvanize the fan base.

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