‘New Girl’ season 4 premiere spoilers: Where things stand with Schmidt, Cece

It has been quite a long time since we’ve had any news to report on “New Girl,” and maybe part of that has also been due to our own complicated feelings towards the show as of late.

To us, season 3 deflated the tires in many ways from what was a very good first two seasons. The Nick and Jess relationship for some reason didn’t have that same spark when the two characters were together. We ultimately saw that the two were changing too much to be with each, and maybe that is what also turned us off on the two. Also, it took a little while for the Coach era to start paying dividends, which is funny because that was, like the Nick / Jess relationship, an idea that looked good on paper.

Based on the preview for Tuesday’s season 4 premiere below, though, it does look like the show is on its way to get its mojo back, and that includes bringing some characters back to their roots. For Schmidt, that means turning Schmidt into a horndog who feels like he can romance anything that moves. Nick plays wingman to his in this preview, and encourages him to not be discouraged by the sudden reappearance of Cece after she spends a summer traveling with her boyfriend. We know that this is the ultimate target of Schmidt’s affections, but that she is for the moment out of reach.

Really, we don’t expect a whole lot out of “New Girl.” This is not “House of Cards” or one of those other shows where we expect it to challenge us on some level. We just want to laugh, and hopefully this new season will focus on that first and foremost.

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