‘Survivor: San Jaun del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Missy Payne cheer up her tribe?

Missy -Last time there was a mother / daughter team on “Survivor,” we had Laura Morett and Ciera Eastin, and then Tina Wesson with Katie Collins. All ended up being interesting personalities within the game, so it is fair to say that we have some high hopes right now for Missy Payne and her daughter Baylor Wilson.

Both of these women seem to be in good shape, so we don’t see challenge prowess as a factor in how well they are going to do in the game. Their longevity may be a little more based on whether or not they are willing to make some crazy moves, and if they have the social and strategic games necessary to go to the top. We’re spotlighting Missy today, and we’ll be back later on with Baylor’s once we get to her on the list.

Name – Missy Payne

Age – 47

Location – Dallas, Texas

Occupation – Cheerleading gym owner

Strengths – She is probably going to work very hard in challenges, and we can see her being a reasonable contributor around camp. She is also one of those people you probably want in an alliance, since she seems to be fairly loyal and will not turn around and stab you in the back later. you want these people early in the game.

Weaknesses – If she doesn’t find that alliance, though, we could imagine her being in trouble. We could also see her personality clashing somewhat with others, and her cast video almost makes it appear that she will spend so much time talking up and bragging about her daughter, it will be detrimental to both of their games.

Past “Survivor” comparison – Debbie from “Tocantins” is something that reminds us of Missy a lot socially, those in terms of challenge ability Laura is also a good comparison to make. Strategically, we’d say that she is almost a black-and-white player Rick from “South Pacific,” where allies are allies and you stick to them.

Prediction – Missy’s not winning the game. Maybe she gets in an alliance that runs the table, and she could find herself near the end because there will be a perception that she’s easy to beat. She will either make it pretty far, or be one of the first people to go. She seems very nice, but we don’t get a killer “Survivor” instinct from her.

Now, it’s your turn: Give us your prediction on Missy in the poll below!

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