‘MasterChef’ season 5 finale video: Courtney Lapresi on achievements, future

Courtney -As we wrote about earlier this weekend, we’re going to profile daily every contender in the “MasterChef” finale prior to it airing on Monday, and today, that means looking at where Courtney Lapresi stands right now going into the final phase of the competition.

Courtney is an interesting contestant in a way, given that when it comes to actually being a bona fide challenge beast, there’s probably nobody better. She has been targeted as a threat almost throughout, and rose to the occasion almost every time. There have only been a small handful of times where she has been in danger of actually being sent home from the competition.

Competition-wise, it feels like almost a lock that she will make it to the final two. As we said while profiling Leslie, a finale between Elizabeth and Courtney seems inevitable when you consider how these two have consistently dominated the vast majority of the season.

With that being said, is Courtney actually a likable winner? We feel like some will be frustrated if she wins, if for no other reason than that they liked Elizabeth or Leslie better. The editing has at times made her appear like a villain, or at least someone who is so confident that it borders on cockiness.

On the flip side, there is a way that a Courtney win could be a good thing for the franchise, mostly because she is such a big character. She would be remembered for a while after the fact, and sometimes it is better to be polarizing than being generally liked. Most of the show’s winners have been of the “generally liked” variety, and other than Christine in season 3, we’re not quite sure any are that memorable now.

What do you think about where we stand going into the finale, and do you think that Courtney could be the winner? Share

Photo: Fox

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