‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 5, episode 2 preview: Nucky states his case

Check it out -As Nucky Thompson is about to realize yet over again, dealing with politicians and people in power is just as tough, if not more so, than your garden variety criminal.

During the “Boardwalk Empire” season 5 premiere, we learned that Steve Buscemi’s character was hoping to prepare for a new life, one where he now longer had to run from the law as a bootlegger and could bring his business above-board. The end of Prohibition provides him with that opportunity, but he also realizes that he cannot do it alone.

This leads to the roundtable discussion in the sneak-peek video below, but also the revelation that Nucky is going to have to put all of his cards on the table if he wants these people to even consider helping him. We’re not entirely sure that he wants to admit to being a bootlegger, but he’s force to anyway to prove his experience / “integrity” to Senator Lloyd and company.

Ultimately, though, we continue to get a feeling both watching this clip and watching this past episode almost as though we are waiting gradually for the other shoe to eventually drop. Just think about this for a moment here. We’ve come to learn a lot about the Nucky character, and a part of his history is his capacity to do very bad things to people. Eventually, aren’t these ghosts going to come back to further haunt him? There are only seven episodes left, so if something is going to happen, you have to expect that it will fairly quickly.

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