‘Faking It’ season 2 spoilers: The mystery of Lauren’s pills revealed

Faking It -MTV’s “Faking It” can be a curious show sometimes. We’ll go on the record, for example, and say that the final few seconds of season 1 were extremely aggravating. It wasn’t specifically that Amy slept with someone after being rejected by Karma, but that it was Liam of all people after the story had positioned them at different ends of the pendulum. It was predictable, and something we’ve seen many times before.

However, we now present something that we feel is completely original, refreshing, and brilliant on a certain level when you think about the first season for a minute. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is going to explore in season 2 what it is like to be born intersex. Specifically, they are doing so with the character of Lauren.

You probably remember all of the talk about those “pills” that she was taking, and it became a running thread throughout. Knowing that she was born with Androgen Insensitive Syndrome, a condition where she was born with male chromosomes but develops as a female, explains further why she and her boyfriend broke up after she shared a secret. It also explains a key moment in the season 2 trailer below, which you may have seen at some other point in the past week.

In speaking to the website about this plot, executive producer Carter Covington promises that this is not just some story that will last a couple of episodes, and then be forgotten about so they can transition to something else:

“It’s a series-long story line. When I’m writing any character, if they’re gay or allergic to peanuts, those are things that affect your whole life in various degrees. For Lauren, being born intersex is going to be something she’s going to struggle to accept and then struggle to defend in her life. That journey of self-acceptance, at least for me, never stops. I’m still trying to accept things about myself that I don’t love or that I wish were different or that makes me feel like I’m not normal. Lauren is going to go on a series-long journey to get to a point where she’s proud of who she is.”

We really like that the show is taking the big risk here, and giving Lauren this story that will make her in turn such an interesting character. Some of the walls were starting to come down already in the finale, and this is probably only going to continue as more and more people find out about this.

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Photo: MTV


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