ABC’s ‘The Quest’ finale review: Was Shondo, Lena, Andrew, or someone else the One True Hero?

Tonight, we had the epic end to “The Quest,” and we really do mean “epic” here. Heck, the second hour was some of our favorite reality programming of the past year. It was entertaining, fast-paced, and even surprising at times. If this does turn out to be the last chapter of the story, at least it went out with a flourish.

We don’t want to really hide our excitement over the big reveal any longer: Lina is the One True Hero! We certainly did not predict that going into the finale, and that is what makes this so rewarding. It took something more than just huge muscles and athletic ability to save Everealm; it took someone with patience and determination to make it to the end, and complete all of the final obstacles to defeat Verlox.

The one person who did not make it to this episode was Patrick, and that was sad for him … but to be honest, the finale was the first time that we were able to tell him and Andrew apart. These two guys did learn that being bros is not at the top of the One True Hero’s resume, and Shondo was done in more by some unfortunate skills at a scale.

After some epic goodbyes to the fallen, the final twenty minutes or so were very different than the rest of the series … mostly because it was almost entirely story-based. We were happy that the show didn’t sacrifice the story in the end for the sake of making this a reality competition show, since Lina deserved her moment. It’s not like there is any other tangible prize to winning this show. She also got to basically command an army of her former paladins.

Was there a lot of drama going into the battle against Verlox? Not really in our eyes, mostly just because this show would become the reality version of “The Leftovers” otherwise. Of course Lena won! But in the end, this was more about the journey, and it happened to be a really awesome one. This finale was so impressive visually, and hats off to the producers for managing to do so much with so little. This was a reality show about goodness, a geek’s dream to be in that world, and a wonderful bit of summer fun. Hopefully future audiences check out this show down the road to see the hero’s journey they missed out on. Grade: A.

Also, that cliffhanger! At least they left the door open for something.

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