‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 10 review: Did another character die?

Sonya -Last week on “The Bridge,” we witnessed one of the most-violent scenes in the history of the show, as Charlotte and others was brutally massacred at Red Ridge. Eleanor stepped out and made her own move separate from Fausto Galvan, and there were parts of the episode tonight where the theme at hand was very much all about trying to pick up the pieces.

The good news for Hank was that he survived, but that was really the only good news. He instead spent most of the episode being tormented by Eleanor and her team as they tried to get all the information that they want. Basically, she wants to consistently be a step ahead of the enemy, and that is proving to be a not-so-easy task for her to accomplish right now.

The surprise of the night still came when Eleanor, still feeling so much pain and aftershocks of all that has happened, fell to the ground right when Sonya and Marco were finally able to catch up to them after seeing the massacre site. This changes the game if she is really dead, but we’ll believe it when we see it. This character has already shown to be incredibly evil, and also incredibly clever. Sonya is someone with a capability to do great good, but she could also overlook things.

On the B-story side, this episode felt a little light. Frye did not have a whole lot to do, for example, and that makes us a little sad. (Luckily, it will change next week.) While we don’t feel like this episode had the big “wow” moment we saw a week before, that doesn’t alter our overall opinion that much. Grade: B+.

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