‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Jon Misch weave his way to the top?

Jon Misch -While there are a few obvious outliers, what we are starting to really notice with our “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” castaway spotlight series is that there are a lot of potentially-good players in here. You have people with reasonably strategies, physical capabilities, and an understanding for how the game can work.

With that, we do actually feel rather good about Jon Misch now after looking at his profile and watching his CBS video. Upon first glance, we just thought that this was just going to be another jock who comes on and puffs out his chest, but he’s much more complex than that.

Name – Jon Misch

Age – 26

Location – Waterford, Michigan

Occupation – Financial assistant

Strengths – The biggest one we’ve seen from him is how he talks about strategy. He’s not trying to come in with some defined plan, but instead wants to slowly weave his way in and out of situations based on what is happening around him. He wants to be a valuable asset, but not the one who looks like he is running the show. As a college athlete, he’s also going to be a good challenge performer.

Weaknesses – Jon could be a target after the merge just based on physical prowess alone, and with this Blood vs. Water theme, you also have to consider some other outcomes. For example, he could be targeted right before the merge if his girlfriend is still in the game, or if there is suspicion that he could flip to another alliance.

Past “Survivor” comparison – We really like the one that Jon gives himself in Hayden Moss. We don’t think he probably going to be as good of a player, buy Hayden was also athletic, but managed to be so low-key and subtle around camp that you could forget about him and go after other threats. If the rocks had went a little differently on the first Blood vs. Water season, it’s possible that Hayden would have won that game to go along with “Big Brother.”

Prediction – Jon is probably going to make it at least close to the merge, and while there is a tiny chance he gets to the end, he seems best placed as one of those almost-there players who finishes between eighth and fifth place. He seems mature for his age and should stay out of his own way until then.

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Photo: CBS


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