‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Julie McGee outshine John Rocker?

Julie McGee -Julie McGee is most definitely one of the players going into “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” that we’re curious about. If she was playing this game on a regular season, and could hide who her boyfriend is, she may actually do very well.  Knowing full well who John Rocker is, though, this may be a lot harder on her.

We’re going to have to keep John in mind in spotlighting Julie today … and for those of you looking for further analysis on the former pitcher, we’ll have that for you a little later. We’re doing these in alphabetical order by last name.

Name – Julie McGee

Age – 34

Location – Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation – Spray tan business owner

Strengths – She is not going to be a slouch in the challenges or at camp, but the real strength for her could come in her social game. She is going to be very good at making people feel comfortable around her, and she is used to being around a diverse group of people every day. If John leaves early, she may be someone you can forget about and she could work her way deep into the game.

Weaknesses – John. That’s the big one. We don’t want to judge the guy without knowing him, but the reputation and some of his comments have to follow him into the game. There could be a sentiment where they don’t want him to win even by proxy, and Julie could suffer for that. We don’t really see any other superficial flaw in her game, though, unless she just misses out on an alliance early.

Past “Survivor” comparison – She compares herself to Colleen, but we don’t completely buy that since Colleen wasn’t dating John Rocker. We hate to use this comparison since he is sadly no longer with us, but there is a comparison to be made here with Colton and Caleb. Colton was extremely controversial going into the last “Blood vs. Water,” but Caleb seemed on paper to be someone capable of going far in the game. We feel very similar about Julie here. Given the “dating / married a sports star” analogy, she could probably relate to Monica Culpepper or Taj George on here, but those two were married and had been for a long time.

Prediction – In a different season, we’d say that Julie had a decent shot of making it to the end. This time around, we’d say that her ceiling is maybe top six or so, and even if she makes it to the end, she will probably have to give the best argument of all time to get the money. Even if you look past John’s notorious factor, you have to remember the perception that he’s loaded financially. That could play a part.

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