‘The Flash’ spoilers: Danielle Panabaker on Caitlin Snow, studying Barry Allen

There are many reasons to be excited about the start of “The Flash,” but one of the elements of the series we are most intrigued by still is surrounded by mystery: What happens with Caitlin Snow.

Anyone who follows the DC comic universe closely knows who Caitlin’s eventual alter ego is, and much like Laurel and Black Canary on “Arrow,” this is a transition that many will be watching to see if it happens. For the time being though, we just have to enjoy the story as it is.

In the sneak peek below, Danielle Panabaker at least does her part to explain what it is like playing this character at the time of the pilot episode. At this point, superpowers are still new to her and probably everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs, and this is an opportunity to really study what has happened to Barry Allen’s body in the wake of the particle accelerator accident. His bones are healing themselves at a rapid pace, and he is certainly not something we would call fully human anymore.

The journey from Caitlin here on out is something that will be worth studying, but we really do not get the impression that this is something that the show’s producers will be interested in rushing at all. There is so much more that can be gained from just allowing the story to take its time, and for us to get to know this character before you make any other changes. A good analogy here could be Manu Bennett on “Arrow,” with the difference being that she has an even larger role in the early going.

For now, share your thoughts on how “The Flash” could handle the Caitlin story below!

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