‘Ray Donovan’ season 2, episode 9 preview: Ray tries to be consoling

Is Ray Donovan really a good man? It’s hard to imagine answering that question definitively with a “yes,” given that one of his priorities going into Sunday night’s new episode is going to be convincing his daughter to tell a stone-faced lie to the authorities.

Yet, this is still going to be something that he tries very hard to pull off. In the sneak-peek video below, you can get a sense of him trying to play the comforting card at first to Bridget, and who knows? Maybe there is a part of him after Marvin’s murder that is genuinely sad. We cannot imagine him really wanting to get his entire family roped into this stuff, but now that they are, there is really nothing else that the guy can do beyond trying to move forward and make the best of any situation that is presented to him.

We do expect some major push forward through this hour when it comes to this Bridget – Cookie storyline, mostly for one simple reason: There are only three episodes left after this one airs. If we were to compare this to another popular Showtime drama in “Dexter,” the final four episodes were when things truly became insane and everything started to hit the fan to a certain degree. Before that, it was almost as though things were relatively normal in comparison.

Given that “Ray Donovan” season 3 has already been ordered, one thing that we certainly do not expect this summer is an ending that actually ties everything together in proper fashion. This show is going to continue to make you work for it to a certain degree.

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