‘How I Met Your Mother’: Alternate series finale ending hits internet (video)

How I Met Your Mother -Welcome to “How I Met Your Alternate Ending,” and thanks to the video below hitting the interview, the CBS series is finally back in the spotlight.

We made it no secret that we didn’t care for the “How I Met Your Mother” finale; as a matter of fact, we consider it a complete disaster. Basically, it was the result of writers coming up with the ending before making the show, and then refusing to change or accommodate anything based on fan reaction along the way. They didn’t account for the fact that viewers loved Tracy McConnell, and wanted to see her with Ted Mosby in the end rather than Robin. In addition to that, they certainly did not want to see Tracy die. We actually did not despise the finale so much because of these individual elements so much as the presentation. The turn to pair Ted and Robin up again came far too quickly, and it made the whole introduction to Tracy feel contrived.

Well, the new ending, which hit the internet this week and you can see it below, is much more of what “How I Met Your Mother” fans expected going into the final season. You have Ted meeting the Mother, reflecting on his past, and that is really it. It’s an ending that leaves so much more open to interpretation. Maybe the Mother does still die, and maybe Ted does end up back with Robin years down the road still. The difference is that the show lets you choose your own future end for the Ted character.

We personally wish the show had gone with this ending given the final season that they had created. While it could be problematic in that it is a little too predictable, it still would have at least felt satisfied rather than completely appalled.

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Photo: CBS

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