‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Can Jeremy Collins snuff some torches?

Jeremy -In real life, Jeremy Collins makes a living working to put out fires, and in a way, maybe he’ll do the same thing on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur.” After all, he is going to be make sure Jeff Probst snuffs the torch of almost everyone else in the game.

On paper, we really like both Jeremy and his wife Val. They each bring quite a bit of energy and passion into the game, and they just have this likable quality about them. They seem like ordinary people who really want to live this experience! Plus, we feel like both will do well in the game. We’ll profile Val tomorrow, and today, we’re diving into what her husband brings to the table.

Name – Jeremy Collins

Age – 36

Location – Foxboro, Massachusetts

Occupation – Firefighter

Strengths – He is very athletic, and despite playing some arena football, he’s got a job that he can use to justify him being in shape without saying that he did anything professionally. He’s going to be able to make friends easily, especially since there are other firefighters in the cast, and they can share stories and care for camp.

Weaknesses – Maybe after the merge he gets labeled a physical threat, and he probably will not be someone you can completely forget about. Even still, there are ways to minimize this coming back to bite you if you keep other threats around, or make yourself into someone it would be hard to get rid of strategically. (For example, get yourself a good alliance and convince them they will be able to beat you in the end.)

Past “Survivor” comparison – Tom Westman is the obvious one given the profession, and since Jeremy himself mentions Tyson Apostol from this past “Blood vs. Water,” we’ll go with a less-sarcastic version of that. We could see him strategically being a similar player.

Prediction – Right now, he and Josh Canfield are the two we feel are very capable of winning this game out of everyone we have spotlighted here. He and his wife will most likely make the merge unless something crazy happens, and we could see him falling on his sword for her. There’s really no other reason to get rid of the guy. He seems likable, prepared for the game (even though Jonathan Penner actually suggests bulking up versus starving yourself going in), and not abrasive. These are all good qualities.

How well do you think Jeremy is going to do on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur”? Share your thoughts now with a comment, and head over to this link to get some other spotlights now!

Photo: CBS


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