‘The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand’ episode 6 preview: What comes next?

The Amazing Race -It is starting to even get difficult to keep track of the episode count for “The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand,” mostly because of the fact that the show just aired two episodes in one night this past week. With that being said, we are counting each one as a separate entity, and this means that Monday night will bring us episode 6.

Unfortunately, we’re dealing with a little bit of a different preview than usual thanks to the whole “To Be Continued” ending; rather than trying to tease what is ahead, let’s instead rank the remaining teams! We’re going to do this on the basis of overall performance, coupled with edit and potential to do well moving forward.

1. John & Murray – Typically, we necessitate that villains are not the favorites, but this is not a show where the most likable team often wins. They have the strength to go really far, but they have to be prepared for no one helping them if they’re stuck.

2. Daniel & Ryan – They’ve had a few struggles with navigation, but their overall attitude is such that makes them able to overcome almost any mistake. The only thing we question is that killer instinct needed in the final leg.

3. Ashleigh & Jarrod – This is a team that can easily win, despite not finishing higher than third in any leg so far. It feels like most of their mistakes have just been revolving around a bad choice here or there, or bad luck with navigation. These can be corrected.

4. Sally & Tyson – Incredibly fit, and that will help them substantially. The larger question for these two is how well they will fare in competitions that are not just strength-related. They also were almost eliminated the first leg.

5. Carla & Hereni – Helped once already by an Express Pass, but the real thing that may be holding them back is just that we don’t see enough of an edit here. Out of the remaining teams, they don’t have a whole lot of screen time.

6. Cat & Jesse – In order to make up for not being athletic, these two need to be perfect at almost every task, and they haven’t been. They’ll probably be eliminated Monday night, unless someone else makes a mess of things.

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Photo: Seven Network

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