‘Royal Pains’ season 6 finale spoilers: Who spends time with Khloe Kardashian, Scott Disick?

We know that there are many out there giving “Royal Pains” a hard time for including Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick in the upcoming season finale, and in a way, we get it. Diehard fans want to see the show just stick to its main characters, and not celebrity cameos who are barely a part of the series.

Basically, we presume that the “guest spot” for these two is only going to last for about as long as the clip over on TV Guide does. So why bring them on the show? The real reason we see is that this has more of the mainstream media talking about the show than there otherwise would. This does help to promote the show, and anytime a show gets canceled you often hear about how the network doesn’t make an effort. This is at least an effort in touching some Kardashian fans who may not be regular viewers. Even if 50,000 or so of these people watch to see Khloe and Scott, it may be worth the tiny distraction from the story.

As for the context of this scene, Evan introduces Hank’s girlfriend Charlotte to the two, and she in turn claims that she is “huge fans.” This is the strangest part of the whole scene for us, not because Charlotte was blind until recently. Rather, it’s more of a subject of reality TV not being something that we would presume she would be into. She seemed to be much more of the daredevil type.

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