‘True Blood’ series finale review: Who died, who got married in ‘Goodbye’?

Goodbye -Tonight, “True Blood” had its series finale entitled “Goodbye,” and after seven seasons of the show being on the air, all we really wanted was a show that touched on everything that we loved about it.

Instead, what we had for most of the 70 minutes, was a slow, somber journey entitled “Goodbye,” where we were concerned consistently about whether or not we were going to see Bill Compton die. He tried to convince Sookie to fairy-blast him, that way she would lose the part of her that made her different and such a target of others. However, she couldn’t lose that part of herself. Sookie killing Bill was pretty darn miserable, and to be honest, we still don’t understand the full motivation for it. He could have enjoyed some sort of life with her, and had most of what he wanted. So much of this show was about not giving up, so this just seemed like the latest way to devastate Sookie further before the end.

It was really the past ten minutes that held our interest, since that gave us updates on many of the characters we wanted to hear from so much without feeling miserable at the same time. Jason’s now a father, Eric and Pam are now super-rich, and life is somewhat more normal … except for Sarah Newlin, trapped under Fangtasia and used for oodles of cash.

Well, we liked this part at first too. But why not show who Sookie ended up with in the end? Is the point that it doesn’t matter? We saw her pregnant, and the man she was wish seemed to borrow Bill’s shirt or something. Maybe it didn’t matter, and this entire show was all about the journey to get her where she ended up at the time the credits rolled. If that is the case, though, what was the point of spending so much time on her? The slow pace of the finale was also indicative of how the show sputtered without a genuine Big Bad this season, and there was so little of the signature action.

True, we enjoyed most of the Pam / Eric stuff, but Sam Merlotte and Arlene got the shaft throughout the whole episode, and the Jessica / Hoyt wedding was total series finale tack-on to pull closure out of nowhere. Did Lafayette even have a line in this episode. We think not. “True Blood” saw better days, and this finale was mostly proof of it. Grade: C+.

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