‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 10 review: Peter, Kate Argent, and a dead pool at and end

What's next? -Tonight’s “Teen Wolf” episode aired at a special time, and there were also some very special orders to be carried out over the course of the hour: Try to figure out the whole issue of the Deadpool.

The way that this oh-so-confusing episode chose to explain this is as such: Peter seemed to be the original architect, he then forgot about it, and then Meredith started to carry out some of the duties herself. Most of this was pure insanity concocted by very insane characters, but the big thing to note is that by the end, all contracts were effectively “terminated.” Remember when werewolves were the only thing these people had to deal with?

After this, we had an attempted heart-to-heart with Meredith, and then the Bad Guy Convention featuring Kate Argent (nice that she decided to turn up again) and Peter, who have been plotting something all along.

Did we actually like all of this journey? The night-vision sequence, Stiles and Malia getting locked up together, and the mystery of the wine bottle were all cool moments, but this episode was far too confusing. You know when diehard “Teen Wolf” fans are saying that they will need to watch it back to understand, you have a problem. Maybe we were all distracted because of the VMAs, but it feels like this could have been easily simplified and have been just as effective … heck, we really feel that way about everything since the end of Deucalion. The show has gotten far more complex than it really needs to be. Grade: B-.

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Photo: MTV

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